When entering the restaurant you will immediately catch a glimpse of the kitchen, a deliberate design strategy which reveals the engine, the kitchen: the heart and soul of Villa Doria.

The chef and co-owner Gianni Spiga from Sardinia and his staff bring you Mediterranean and classical French cuisine with nifty modern touches.

Villa Doria wants to set new standards and will do everything to make your dining experience as pleasurable as possible. Tempt your taste buds by discovering our menu.

The stylish and comfortable interior features white walls, dark wood and soft lighting. The tables are spaciously arranged with table settings that will make you feel at home. The ambiance is casual, but the service is exceedingly professional and ambitious, yet never intimidating.

Over the years, the Bredabaan became a major regional road in the Province of Antwerp. This has many advantages for a restaurant such as Villa Doria, since it can easily be reached via the motorway. Whether you come from Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Rotterdam (NL) or Breda (NL), you can’t miss Villa Doria!

The stables have gone now, but we do have a valet parking!


Villa Doria Schoten

Villa Doria Schoten